Shenyang Chemical Wins the Honorary Title of Shenyang Water-saving Enterprise

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Recently, Shenyang Chemical was awarded the title of “Shenyang Water-saving Enterprise” and the Company’s Technology and Energy Department was granted the title of “Shenyang Advanced Water-saving Collective.” As a key water-using enterprise in Shenyang, Shenyang Chemical has invested a lot of efforts and funds in technological improvement and equipment renovation of production and water-using systems. The water consumption per 10,000-yuan output value has decreased year by year. The digital and IT-based applications of water-using production and management system has been achieved, improving the utilization rate of resources and the labor productivity.

In recent years, Shenyang Chemical has improved its water-saving management system. The general manager serves as the head of the water-saving leadership group. The Technology and Energy Department is responsible for daily water-saving management. It has set up a triple-level water conservation management network, identified the water conservation responsibilities of all departments, improved the water-saving management system, and implemented quota management on the water consumption of products. The department has also established awards for energy conservation and consumption reduction, strengthening the incentive mechanism and mobilizing the water-saving awareness and enthusiasm of all employees.

Through brainstorming and concerted efforts, the Company has implemented multiple water-saving projects, achieving gratifying results. The project of Recovery of Acetylene from Slag Slurry and Waste Sodium Hypochlorite has an annual recovery of 401,700 tons of wastewater. The Renovation of Spherical Tank Spray System has recycled spray cooling water, saving 88,100 tons of water annually. The Pure Water Recovery of Chlor-Alkali Branch Plant has recycled all the pure water sealed by the brine process pump, saving 148,100 tons of water annually. The project of Recycling Dry Steam Condensate has channeled the dry condensate to the polymerization process, reducing the amount of water replenishment by 40,000 tons per year.

Shenyang Chemical will continue to uphold the concept of “in science we trust” and innovation-driven development, and lead all employees to improve the production capacity and water use efficiency of the plant through technological innovation and optimal control, so as to make more contributions to the conservation and recycling of water resources.

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