GM Ren Jianxin visits subsidiaries in Nanjing

Source: China Bluestar
General manager Ren Jianxin, deputy general manager Zhang Lijun and other executives from headquarters arrived in Nanjing on May 3 and visited BlueStar Adisseo Nanjing Co Ltd and Nanjing New Material Plant. They learned about their projects and facility operations, SHE work, production and business operations. Ren spoke highly of SHE management, stressed its status for management, and encouraged them to boost their efforts to complete construction. He affirmed the Nanjing New Materials achievements in upgrading the first phase device, completion and operations of the second phase THF project ahead of schedule, as well as good management of the canteen and concerns about the lives of staff members. He encouraged them to understand difficulties, reduce costs, and operate the project in accordance with the best practical co-ordinating devices. Ren pointed out that the Nanjing plant, relies on existing foundations to figure out development trends and feasibility of building a second set of maleic anhydride unit to increase the competitive advantage of Nanjing New Materials.

When visiting the Nanjing New Materials BDO control room, Ren held a conversation with young employees on duty and extended greetings for May Fourth Youth Day.
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