Elkem attend 2018 Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHI) trade show

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The worldwide integrated silicone leader, Elkem Silicones will showcase its latest MIRASIL? products and innovative solutions at the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHI) trade show held on March 19-21, 2018 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Elkem Silicones will mainly introduce MIRASIL ? BALANCE emulsifier and MIRASIL? phenyl functional silicones products. Welcome to visit Elkem Silicones booth: 1W51.

Elkem Silicones MIRASIL? BALANCE is a high-performance water-in-oil or water-in-silicone emulsifier with hydrophilic polyether groups and lipophilic alkyl groups. This breathable silicone chains can make unique sensory attributes to meet the various needs of consumers.

Because of the unique structure of MIRASIL? BALANCE with low HLB, it has higher emulsifiability. It can emulsify various oils, and formulate the excellent and stable emulsion with wide range of viscosity. MIRASIL? BALANCE also has a certain proportion of hydrophilic groups, so that it has excellent dispersion, which helps pigments disperse homogeneously, forming a uniform coverage. In addition, thanks to the silicone properties of MIRASIL? BALANCE, it has excellent spreadability. The incorporation of relatively high-chain alkyl groups gives the MIRASIL? BALANCE a richer sensory experience. In the fresh oil system, it can give the light and refreshing feeling as water, and in the greasiness system, it can keep the skin moisture and elegance.

MIRASIL? BALANCE is fluid and suitable for a wide range of processes either hot or cold process. With its excellent emulsifiability, dispensability and spreading properties, MIRASIL? BALANCE is widely used in sunscreens, body lotions, base makeup and so on.

Healthy skin is shiny and elastic, clear and white. Healthy hair is shiny and elastic, smooth and soft. Having the healthy, beautiful skin and hair is our dream.  When it comes to health and beauty, brightness is essential.?

On this tradeshow, Elkem Silicones will also introduce the MIRASIL ? phenyl functional silicones series products. They are unique phenyl-modified silicone gel blend with ultra-high molecular weight, and can be used in a variety of skin care and hair care products, giving the skin or hair perfect shine while allowing enough elasticity, moisturizing so that consumers have healthy skin and beautiful hair.

Elkem Silicones MIRASIL?? phenyl silicones are easy-to-use diphenyl dimethicone mixture products. They are safe and biodegradable. Besides offering hair, skin shine and health, they also have below benefits:

  • Form a protective layer with moisturizing and water-repellent properties to enhance its elasticity.
  • They can smooth the frizzy hair to improve elasticity of hair
  • Maintain skin and hair the long-lasting appearance
  • Refreshing, silky and soft feel 
  • The pigment is applied more evenly, making it easy to use?
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