Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd. Signs Framework Cooperation Agreement with Agile Environment of Czech

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

Recently, Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd. signed a framework cooperation agreement with Agile Environment, a Czech company, to collaborate closely on bringing advanced environmental technologies from Europe to the Chinese market.


Agile Environment is an international company with advanced environmental technologies and profound industrial service experience, and boasts unique technical means in terms of sewage treatment, soil remediation, industrial cleaning, etc.

Under the framework agreement, the two parties will cooperate in such areas as chemical cleaning agents, industrial cleaning technologies, and soil remediation technologies, and bring mature European technologies into China to jointly explore the Chinese market. In the future, both parties will further cooperate in the areas of industrial waste gas treatment, electroplating wastewater treatment, hazardous waste treatment, etc., and promote more environmental technologies in China to effectively enhance the competitiveness of Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd. in industrial services and environmental engineering.

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