China Polyether Polyol Engineering Technology Center Unveiled at Bluestar Dongda

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

Recently, the Polyether Polyol Engineering Technology Center of China’s Polyurethane Industry was inaugurated at Bluestar Dongda.

In recent years, Bluestar Dongda has always adjusted its product structure through continuous R&D of high-end products and maintained its high-speed growth and high profitability. As such, it has become China’s only high-end polyether manufacturer that can compete with multinational counterparts.

Hao Zhigang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Bluestar, attended the unveiling ceremony and said that Bluestar Dongda, the core enterprise of Bluestar, has the highest economic benefits among domestic enterprises. He hoped that Bluestar Dongda would seize the opportunity to continue to follow the philosophy of “In Science We Trust”, further devote more energy to reform and innovation, work to cultivate talents, and lead the development of the industry so as to become the best national brand in the polyurethane industry across the world.

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