Bluestar Obtains 16 Science and Technology Awards

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

Lately, results of 2019 China National Chemical Corporation Group Science and Technology Awards have been released. China National BlueStar (Group) Co., Ltd. (Bluestar) has obtained 16 awards including 1 Technology Invention Award, 4 Science and Technology Progress Awards, 6 Patent Awards, and 5 Advanced Enterprises in Patent Working, ranking highly among specialized companies.

National Chemical Corporation Group Science and Technology Awards, held annually, aim to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technical personnel and reward individuals and entities making outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation. There are 4 awards, including Technological Invention Award, Science and Technology Progress Award, Patent Award and Technological Innovation Award. The results released this time do not include the Technological Innovation Award. The awards are open to the public. The scope of enterprise applicants gradually expands from inside the National Chemical Corporation Group to the society. This time, the institution applicants include enterprises within the Group, and also enterprises under Sinochem Group, social enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions.

Bluestar has encouraged its directly affiliated enterprises at home and abroad to actively participate in the awards. The company has submitted 32 projects with high level of technology and good economic and social benefits, which truly demonstrate the promoting effect of the scientific and technological innovation on the company’s business and social development. They serve the leading and modeling role. Among these projects, the project Bisphenol A-Epoxy Resins Green Manufacturing Synchronous Production Complete Technology and Application of Nantong Xingchen creatively develops a synchronous production technology of high-temperature liquid Bisphenol A-Epoxy Resins and a high efficiency separation technology of Bisphenol A-Epoxy Resins crystallization and falling film crystallization combination. This achieves the process coupling and green manufacturing of Bisphenol A-Epoxy Resins. Indicators such as quality level, stability, applicability, public project consumption of the products manufactured by this technology all reach the level of peers, which breaks foreign technology monopoly and is of great significance to the development and upgrading of high performance engineering plastics in China. Elkem Xinghuo Silicones’ High Viscosity Organic Silicone Emulsifying Technique reaches the world advanced level and fills the industrial gap in China in the emulsifying of silicone oil with viscosity above 500,000. The patented technology Separation and Recovery System of Chlorine Root and Sulfate Radical in High Salinity Wastewater of Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. applies an advanced membrane assembly and integration technology to achieve the high-efficient treatment of high salinity wastewater. It has the advantages of high efficiency of salt separation, low operation cost and simple process flow, which can effectively solve the problem of high salinity industrial wastewater treatment in China and realize the circular using of resources at the same time.

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