China Bluestar International Fast Cleared 650,000 Masks to Aid the Groups Overseas Enterprises

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

During the outbreak, there was an unusual shortage of epidemic prevention and control materials. As a specialized international trading platform directly under BlueStar, China Bluestar International acted quickly to secure the rapid imports of epidemic prevention supplies purchased by the Groups overseas enterprises, providing a strong boost for ChemChinas fight against the epidemic. Up to now, China Bluestar International has cumulatively imported 13 batches of 650,000 masks, including about 400,000 medical masks and 250,000 regular masks, plus 520 thermometers and 43,500 pairs of gloves, for seven overseas enterprises and branches (BlueStars Elkem Silicones France SAS, Elkem Silicones Brasil Ltda, TAL and Mercuria Indonesia Energy as an oil & gas company, and Pirelli Italy, Pirelli, Germany, Pirelli Mexico as rubber companies).

On February 3, after China Bluestar International was assigned by the Group and BlueStar to import the epidemic prevention supplies to overseas enterprises, Yang Hongbin, Chairman of the Board, Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager, attached great importance, seriously implemented BlueStars instruction to "deliver the heartwarming aid express to the overseas enterprises", convened meetings in the first time, and arranged related departments to fully support the imports of epidemic prevention supplies.

The Import & Export Department assigned a person to communicate with overseas enterprises in terms of the mask procurement process, actively followed up the work progress of all professional companies, and responded quickly to all parties. From departure to delivery to the Group and BlueStar, every batch of masks shipped from overseas enterprises were required to go through all procedures, single normal trade procedures and transhipment requirements, which are indispensable. To this end, China Bluestar International had provided simplified professional information templates and suggestions on customs declaration in advance, such as orders, letters of presentation, packing lists, invoices and key cargo information etc.

The Supply Chain Department intervened in advance to coordinate with a number of domestic freight forwarders, and understand the relevant policies of epidemic prevention supplies, thereby ensuring the smooth import procedures. Allowing for the tightened air transport in different countries and the soaring logistics costs, they designed the packaging and transportation plans to ship in the most convenient and efficient way. The epidemic prevention supplies mainly came from Europe and South America. Due to the time difference, they would be awake at night to contact each other and keep abreast of purchasing trends of epidemic prevention supplies and formulate customs declaration plans, so that these supplies would be cleared by the customs immediately after they arrived. Since DHL has recently undertaken excessive epidemic prevention supplies and given priority to handling government-related ones, China Bluestar International had, to shorten the customs clearance time, urgently coordinated with DHL for paperless readjustment of waybill, and adopted the method of self-declaration and self-pick-up of goods, which shortened the expected customs clearance and delivery time of DHL from around 2 weeks to 1-2 days by means of self-declaration and self-lading. Since February 12, the epidemic prevention supplies from overseas enterprises had arrived in Beijing Capital Airport one after another; China Bluestar International had got ready the customs clearance and declaration documents in advance, and completed the customs clearance procedures at full speed in the same day or the next day. Then the freight forwarders were coordinated to deliver the small-item supplies to the Group and BlueStar, while emergency supplies were immediately shipped to enterprises in other places for aid and rescue.

Besides self-protection, China Bluestar International further arranged the office workers to be on duty every day to ensure that the customs clearance documents were printed timely, and authorized the special process in a special period, enabling the efficient way of initiating approval emails to complete the seal of approval simultaneously. Finance Office specially established the WeChat group for the import of protective products, which realized the tax information sharing, completed the customs single window debugging in advance, and made the tax payment seamless.

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