Discover our antifoam solutions for pulp and paper applications!

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

High performance SILCOLAPSE? foam control agents to optimize the pulping process.

The pulp and paper industry sector is constantly growing and anti-foam silicones have a strategic role to play in the pulping process. One of the main challenge that must face pulp manufacturers is to optimize their processes to save on water and energy and SILCOLAPSE? antifoams perfectly answer these needs. Indeed, silicone foam control agents are outstandingly performant even in harsh conditions.

Silicones also contribute to the reduction of the total cost of operation in pulp mills of end users, making them the foam control agents of choice both economically and ecologically.

Our customers can already benefit from our range of SILCOLAPSE? foam control agents like SILCOLAPSE? 801 U1 and SILCOLAPSE? 825 compounds. They will now be able to benefit from our latest innovation dedicated to the pulp industry: SILCOLAPSE? 910 compound.

Our SILCOLAPSE? emulsions range complete Bluestar Silicones’ offer of antifoam silicones products:




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