GRISM Products Win the Title of “Guangdong New- and High-technology Product”

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Recently, the xenon lamp aging test chamber and irradiance calibrator, which were independently developed by Guangzhou Research Institute of Synthetic Materials (GRISM), have won the title of “Guangdong New- and High-technology Product”, which is not only an authoritative recognition of the innovative products independently developed by GRISM, but also a recognition of the great contributions of the institute in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and industrial IT application. 

As reliability resting testers of the new-generation calibration instruments, the xenon lamp aging test chamber and irradiance calibrator are mainly used for screening new materials, improving existing materials or evaluating the durability of materials of which the composition has changed. The biggest feature of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is that it uses the xenon arc light that can simulate the total natural sunlight spectrum to the greatest extent to represent the disruptive light waves in different environments, use various filter shields to simulate outdoor environments, thereby conducting accelerated light resistance and weathering tests for different materials. The successful development of the xenon lamp irradiance calibrator significantly remedies the limitation that self-reference calibration cannot been made on core parameters, achieves a wider scope of irradiance and better repeatability and uniformity. It can be used for industrial products, cutting-edge technological applications and all aspects of life.

Compared with similar products of the industry, the product has greater advantages and takes a leading position in China. In 2019, it passed the acceptance check of the “development of the accelerated artificial climate aging testing system based on xenon lamp light source”, a scientific & technological program of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City. The program has won two patents for invention and one patent for utility model. It is also a new achievement of GRISM in making scientific & technological progress and actively applying for various programs.

By building a high-caliber technical team, GRISM deepens the implementation of product research & development and technical innovations, works to commercialize the results of intellectual property, laterally expands its product series, keeps deepening R&D innovations, increase economic returns, and helps its customers further increase the value while achieving rapid development.

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