Hangzhou Water Treatment ranks among the TOP10 global desalination developers

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Global Water Intelligence (GWI), a world-leading business intelligence provider in the global water industry, recently announced the ranking of TOP20 developers of seawater desalination and water reuse projects in the world from 2009 to 2020. Four of the Top20 are Chinese enterprises, and Hangzhou Water Treatment ranks 10th.

Hangzhou Water Treatment is the first scientific research unit specializing in seawater desalination technology in China, and also a pioneer in the field of liquid separation membrane and an important base for seawater desalination and water treatment technology industrialization by membrane method. The company is a leading water resources development and comprehensive utilization service provider, and its membrane desalination business accounts for more than 60% of the domestic market share. It has undertaken almost all the large-scale membrane desalination design, complete equipment manufacturing and engineering services in China, and built a large number of seawater desalination demonstration projects in power, chemical and municipal industries around the world. These projects have provided the world with fresh water resources with a daily output of over one million tons in the past 53 years.

Yushan Island Project is a seawater desalination system supporting Zhejiang Petrochemicals 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project, and also the largest of its kind in domestic petrochemical industry at present. When completed, it will reach a daily output of 250,000 tons. The first phase with a daily output of 100,000 tons was completed in November 2019, and the second phase with a daily output of 150,000 tons will be completed in 2021. The first phase of this project, as a demonstration project of the national key research and development plan project - Development and Demonstration of Key Technologies and Equipment of Membrane Seawater Desalination for Large-scale Application, has applied a number of technological achievements with independent IPRs and reached the international advanced level. The single-machine output of seawater reverse osmosis devices used in the project is more than 17,500 tons/day, one of which has an output capacity of more than 35,000 tons/day. This project will greatly enhance the international competitiveness of Chinas desalination systems.

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