Bluestar invited to “Choose France” summit

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

One hundred and fifty global business leaders have attended the 2019 Choose France International Business Summit which took place at the Chateau de Versailles, France, on January 21. Among them were Hao Zhigang, Board Chairman and Party Secretary of Bluestar, and Olivier De Clermont Tonnerre, CSO and board director of Bluestar.

The Summit was held to promote France’s attractiveness as an investment destination. French President Emmanuel Macron introduced reforms aimed at drawing more foreign investment at the Summit. In 2018, France attracted a record high of 1300 overseas investment projects. In the first “Choose France” Summit last year, multinational companies announced over 3.5 billion euro of investment in financial, transportation, manufacturing and chemical industries.

During the summit, Chairman Hao had business meetings with Hexcel, Roland Berger and Quechen Silicon to enhance Bluestar’s influence in the international business circle and seek diversified market opportunities. Hao also met with French Ambassador for International Investment, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. He said that Bluestar had been paying attention to the development of the French economy and hoped to have more co-operation opportunities which will contribute to the economic development of both countries and the internationalization of Bluestar.

Bluestar is an important investor in France. It acquired Adisseo with 400 million euro in 2006, which was the largest investment from China in France and also the first overseas acquisition for the Chinese basic chemicals industry. In 2007, it invested 390 million euro to acquire the silicone and sulfide business of Rhodia, which helped Bluestar become the third largest silicone producer in the world. Since then, Bluestar has invested over 1 billion euro in technological upgrading and production expansion of the local facilities, creating over 2,000 jobs opportunities. In the future, Bluestar will continue to increase its investment in French enterprises, further enhance its technological innovation capability and industrial application of new products and technologies.

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