Bluestar Chengrand Institute Conducts Meltblown Material Testing

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Polypropylene meltblown material is one of the raw materials for protective masks. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Analysis and Testing Center of Bluestar Chengrand Institute has recently opened up new services to carry out the testing of meltblown materials and conduct urgent sample tests in a bid to meet the needs of the situation. The testing results can be issued within 5 days.

Zheng Ning, who was in charge of the main testing task of melt mass flow rate, led the team to obtain comparable data. Then, the Analysis and Testing Center quickly mastered the testing method of polypropylene meltblown materials, thus smoothly and efficiently carrying out the testing.

China National Technical Committee for Plastics Standardization (CNTCPS) has previously issued national standards, setting out technical indexes of polypropylene meltblown materials. As an affiliated unit of the CNTCPS and China National Synthetic Resin Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Bluestar Chengrand Institute has taken the initiative to assume social responsibilities, proactively participated in the fight against the epidemic, and provided the society with testing and standard consulting services for polypropylene meltblown materials. Currently, the Institute has successfully issued accurate test reports for many manufacturers.

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