BCM’s Molten-salt Device for Storage of Heat and Energy Listed in Beijing’s Recommended Catalogue

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

 The photothermal technology for power generation and energy storage, developed by Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery (BCM), has recently been unanimously recognized by Beijing’s experts for evaluating energy-saving technologies and products and listed in Beijing’s recommended catalogue of energy-saving technologies and products.

The molten-salt technology for heat and energy storage holds the key to the new fundamental power supply that enables solar photothermal power generation to have peak regulating capability and to be used in the field of heating and steam supply. By applying the technology, solar energy is utilized to heat the molten salt flowing through the heat absorber to a high temperature state during the day. Part of the salt is channeled to the heat exchanger to produce steam for power generation, while the rest is stored at high temperature. At night or in rainy days, the stored energy is released to the heat exchanger to generate high-temperature and high-pressure steam for electricity. The molten salt with reduced temperature is ducted into the low-temperature tank for preparation for the next cycle. The technology has successfully solved the problems of high temperature, strong corrosiveness, foundation heat dissipation, thermal deformation and heat preservation of molten salt medium.

 After successfully applying the technology to the 10MW photothermal power station project in Delingha, Qinghai, BCM has also adopted the technology in the 50MW photothermal power station project, setting an exemplar for the company’s technological teams to make pioneering efforts and practice the concept of “in science we trust.” The successful grid-connected power generation and stable operation of the project have also brought excellent business performance and substantial carbon sink trading effect to the owner, which won wide acclaim from the industry.

 The 50MW tower-type molten-salt photothermal system for power generation and heat and energy storage and the equipment project are included by Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Beijing Municipal Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center in the Case Compilation of Beijing’s Recommended Catalogue of Energy-saving Technologies and Products. This will further encourage BCM to increase its investment in engineering R&D, motivate engineers and technicians to continuously work on engineering technologies, and expand application demonstration, achievement application and industrialization, so as to supply stronger assistance for the company’s sustained, healthy and fast development.

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