THF project goes online in Nanjing

Source: China Bluestar

The Nanjing BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co Ltds 44,000 t/year THF Maleic anhydride and THF equipment are up and running, now that a new project has been completed.

This project followed Nanjing BlueStars Phase One BDO equipment project and is meant to unstop a raw materials bottleneck, improve product variety, and cut energy consumption.

Everyone involved in the project followed the construction work carefully and helped overcome technological barriers in Chinas first large maleic anhydride device in a phase-by-phase approach.

It called for soil-free, dust-proof installation and was completed in a short period of time. The projects safety, progress, quality, and investment meant the company could produce qualified products on the first trial run and provide a good example for future projects.

This project will help the company cut costs and increase benefits. Staff members are being told they need to keep up the good work, remove bottlenecks quickly, increase the load capacity, and procure raw materials and products supplies and increase sales to maximize the projects effect.

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