China Bluestar holds annual conference for 2012

Source: Bluestar

China Bluestar’s annual conference was held on January 8. Lu Xiaobao, general manager of Bluestar, gave a report titled Sticking to Scientific Development, Speeding up Structural Adjustment, Improving Operational Quality and Promoting International Competitiveness, which summarized Bluestar’s business in 2011 and made work schedule for 2012. Ren Jianxin, the president of Bluestar and the general manager of China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation took part in the conference.

2011 witnessed China Bluestar’s improvements in many aspects. It continued to deepen its management reform and the result was rewarding. Its overseas business increased sustainably, a good signal of its efficient international strategy. Bluestar’s business income and EBITDA also jumped to an all-time high. The rate of major safety and pollution incident was zero. The waste water COD, SO2, ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxide decreased by 4.2%, 6.8%, 4.3%, 5.4%, 5.7% respectively compared with that of last year.

In his report, Lu mentioned the future for Bluestar in 2012 was both challenging and optimistic. He emphasized the guidelines of the conference should be implemented and the whole company should stick to scientific development, speed up structural adjustment, stay open-mined and improve operational quality to devote for the future of Bluestar under the leadership of the Group and Bluestar’s board of directors.

Ren Jianxin delivered a speech before the conclusion of the conference. He gave considerable acclaim to the success that the group had achieved in the past year and encouraged all the employees to be keenly aware of the current economic landscape and make most of the opportunities to help Bluestar reach a new level in 2012.

The conference was concluded with Bluestar’s secretary of the Party Committee Gao Jianjun’s speech. During the conference, directors from different departments in Bluestar gave special reports in terms of the company’s operation, financial management, human resources, future development, daily management and legal business. Norway Elkem Corporation, BDO from Nanjing and Bluestar Dongda also gave special reports in the conference.

Almost 200 people took part in the conference, including senior managers of the corporation, mangers of subsidiary enterprises from home and abroad as well as other principals at the headquarter.

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