Elkem Silicones Shanghai inaugurates a new production workshop for H&EV products

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November 25, Elkem Silicones held a grant opening ceremony for a new workshop internally named DELTA 2 project. This new workshop dedicated to the development and manufacturing of our silicones for Hybrid & Energy Vehicles (H&EV), is another witness of Elkem Silicones commitment to accompany the customers in their growth.


Mr. Wu Bin, deputy chief of Minhang district, Shanghai, Mr. Tang WeiQun, deputy director of Xinzhuang zone where Elkem Silicones Shanghai site located, customers, Claude Laubriet, Deputy Director of Elkem Silicones Asia Pacific as well as the shanghai employees presented the event and celebrated the opening of this new workshop. Claude Laubriet warmly welcomed all the guests and introduced this new workshop including an on-site tour.

In the background of global epidemic, Frederic Jacquin, Senior Vice President of Elkem Silicones, and Larry Zhang, Vice President of Elkem Silicones Division & Asia Pacific Region Director cannot physically presented the event, Frederic Jacquin however connected via teams and delivered a congratulatory online to Elkem Silicones employees on behalf of the entire worldwide organization of Elkem.

Frederic Jacquin said: “Elkem is very proud to play its role into Greener, Safer & more Sustainable cities and Shanghai is the very best place to ride the wave of electrification of transportation & develop renewable energy. Delta 2 is our latest investment start up to illustrate that commitment, but at Elkem Silicones we have more with strong involvement in silicones for solar panels, solutions for battery pack and special alloys for battery production.”

“Even if silicones are made of sand, we also just start a new project to recycle silicone elastomers and participate to the circular economy”. Frederic further mentioned: “Delta in mathematics symbolizes the difference. I sincerely hope that by combining the entrepreneurship of our customers, the support and vision of our Officials and the commitment & technology of Elkem teams we will make that difference to create a better world, in Shanghai city, in China & all over the world.”

The main challenge for H&EV automakers is to ensure that the electrical and electronic parts in these new-generation vehicles are efficient, reliable and safe. Silicones play an essential role in producing high-performance H&EVs since they are used in a wide range of solutions for the assembly, integrity and protection of critical parts in these new vehicles. Elkem Silicones Shanghai develops and produces range of products aiming to accelerate and enhance power battery safety, efficiency and reliability, and the products include BLUESIL? ESA range gap filler and encapsulants which helps the heat transfer & dissipation, BLUESIL? ESA thermal potting material, lightweight foam for battery to keep the heat around the cell, and dumb vibrations, CAF? / BLUESIL? ESA sealing & bonding material for physical insulation and fire resistance, and BLUESIL? high performance silicone rubber provides flexibility in processing, excellent lifetime, temperature resistance, and flame retarding property in H&EV high voltage cable.

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