Good news coming from a number of subsidiaries of Bluestar

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This year Bluestar has greatly improved development quality, increased economic benefits and achieved good performance results by actively implementing ChemChinas strategic deployment, deepening reform, focusing on main business, enhancing safety and environmental protection, accelerating structural adjustment, steeping up technological innovation, and consolidating development foundation. Recently, many affiliated enterprises won industry awards, adding strong impetus to the high-quality development of Bluestar.

Elkem Xinghuo Silicones won the first prize for innovation of industry standard. The "Vinyl-terminated Dimethyl Silicone Oil" group standard mainly drafted by Elkem Xinghuo Silicones recently won the first prize for innovation of China’s fluorosilicone industry standards. This standard has been selected into 100 group standard application demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, filling the blank of national and industry standards of vinyl-terminated dimethicone products. In addition, The Companys patent - "A Preparation Method of Hydroxyl-terminated Polydimethylsiloxane" - has won the Excellent Patent Award of Chinas fluorosilicone industry.

The "Vinyl-terminated Dimethyl Silicone Oil" standard regulates the technical indicators and detection method of this product, ensures the product quality and application for end users, reduces the non-conformance rate of downstream products, and expands the application field. Since Elkem Xinghuo Silicones initiated the drafting of this standard in 2017, the sales revenue of vinyl-terminated dimethyl silicone oil products produced and sold according to the standard has reached nearly 600 million yuan. Other manufacturers and users in the industry have also started to implement this standard.

The patent "A Preparation Method of Hydroxyl-terminated Polydimethylsiloxane" has greatly promoted the technological progress of the silicone industry, effectively reduced the production cost and energy consumption, and further improved the production efficiency.

National Technical Standard Innovation Base of Bluestar Chengrand Institute passed acceptance test. An expert group of the Standard Innovation Management Division of the State Administration of Market Supervision recently inspected and accepted the construction achievements of "National Technical Standard Innovation Base (International Standardization of Plastics and Plastic Products)" of Bluestar Chengrand Institute.

Established and built by Bluestar Chengrand Institute in March 2018, this is the first state-approved national technical standard innovation base in chemical industry. Adopting the innovative mode of cooperation between enterprises, universities, research institutions and users, the base focuses on internationalization of standards, improvement of testing methods, advancement of technological innovation, development of standards, development of the industry, and promotion of the deep integration of standards with innovation chain and industry chain to lead the high-quality development of China’s plastics and plastic products industry. A number of remarkable achievements have been scored in just a little more than two years, with 49 international standards developed and 92 international standards transformed. During the preparation of the base, the number of international standards developed exceeded the sum of the previous 10 years. The base has led the development of industry standards and group standards, and promoted the release and development of 28 industry standards and 95 group standards. In the key research fields, it has undertaken the research of five innovative projects, including one NQI key project.

Hangzhou Water Treatment won the title of "Outstanding Enterprise in Chinas Membrane Industry", at the 25th anniversary celebration and commendation meeting of China Membrane Industry Association.

Hangzhou Water Treatment has always been committed to solving core technical problems through independent innovation. The four major membrane technologies created by the company, namely reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, microfiltration and electric drive membrane, have enabled China to own the world’s highest liquid separation membrane technology, fundamentally reversing the situation that such core technologies are completely dependent on imports.

Under the current new development pattern, the Company will rely on its membrane production line with an annual output of 3 million square meters, continue to overcome difficulties, speed up the transformation of achievements, let membrane technology play a role in more environmental fields, promote industry progress, create greater benefits, and help China achieve a breakthrough from a big country in membrane application to a powerful country in membrane technology.

BCMC has double happiness and wins high recognition. BCMC has recently been recognized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation as a "technological innovation demonstration enterprise in Chinas petroleum and chemical industry". The company is always committed to the establishment of an innovation mechanism combining production, education, research and application, adheres to the practice of "re-innovation", promotes the technological upgrade of industrial installations, breaks foreign technical blockade and drives the healthy development of the industry, and therefore, is widely recognized by domestic chlor-alkali industry users.

In addition, BCMC won the first prize in the recently concluded 1st National Management Skills Competition for Team Leaders from National New Areas, Economic Development Zones and Hi-tech Parks. The competition aims to improve the quality of workers and build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce. More than 10,000 team leaders from 800-plus enterprises based in 46 development zones across the country participated in the competition. Jin Yunjiao from BCMC Quality Assurance Department and Ran Jihong from BCMC Electrolytic Cell Workshop entered the finals and won honors for the company.

Project designed by Beijing Engineering wins National Quality Engineering Award for the first time. The Wuqing railway special equipment and accessories workshop designed by Beijing Engineering for China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) was awarded the National Quality Engineering Award (2020-2021). This is the first time that Beijing Engineering has won this honor.

As the earliest and highest cross-industry national quality award in the field of engineering construction in China, the National Quality Engineering Award lays special emphasis on the comprehensive and systematic management of engineering quality. Beijing Engineering is a leader in rubber factory design in China. Through years of design practice, the company has mastered the core technologies of the industry by learning and absorbing foreign advanced technologies with due consideration to domestic technological characteristics. Despite the market downturn, the company actively explores innovation-driven development, provides expert-guided and integrated follow-up technical services, and relies on technological and product innovation to pursue quality-based excellence in market competition.

The Wuqing railway workshop is the first-phase project of the vertical and horizontal industrial base of CARS, and also the landmark project of its manufacturing industry cluster platform for intelligent rail transportation. Courageous in innovation and transformation, the companys design team completed the design task and further broadened the design field.

Lanzhou Fiber has passed national high-tech enterprise certification. Recently, the certification management network of high-tech enterprises publicized the list of the second batch of high-tech enterprises in Gansu Province in 2020. Lanzhou Fiber was on the list, thus entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

This is a comprehensive recognition of the company’s core independent IPRs, research achievements transformation ability, R&D organization and management level, growth indicators and talent structure. With this certification, Lanzhou Fiber is entitled to relevant preferential policies of the state, the province and the city, as well as corresponding research funding support and financial allocation, which will play a positive role in promoting the development of the company. 

Nantong Xingchens "Phoenix" is honored as provincial brand. The Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province recently released the list of international well-known brands that Jiangsu Province will particularly foster and develop in 2020-2022.  Nantong Xingchen’s "Phoenix" brand was put on the list. 

Registered in 1985, "Phoenix" has four trademark numbers for dozens of categories of products. To strengthen overseas market development, it has been successfully registered in Vietnam. Phoenix brand epoxy resin is widely used in coatings, electronic appliances, composite materials, adhesives and other products, with a total production capacity of 160,000 tons, ranking first in China. Inclusion into the list will further enhance the international competitiveness and influence of the Phoenix brand. While a new development pattern is being formed in China, Nantong Xingchen will further expand overseas markets, continuously create value for customers, and establish an internationally renowned brand image.

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