Bluestar Dongda Listed as National Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise

Source: ChemChina

Bluestar Dongda was awarded the honorary title of “National Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise” according to the list of the fifth batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises (products) released by China National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economics.

The honorary title, praised as the “pearl in the crown of manufacturing industry,” refers to an enterprise that has long focused on specific segments of manufacturing products, technologies and processes, with its market share of a single product ranking among the top across the world.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Bluestar Dongda, the vice chairman unit of China Polyurethane Industry Association (CPIA) and the chairman unit of Polyol Branch under the CPIA, boasts the only polyether polyol engineering technology center in China’s polyurethane sector, provincial enterprise technology center and provincial engineering technology research center. Taking the opportunity of innovation capacity building of technology center, the company has made more investments in science and technology year by year. With 101 million yuan invested in R&D or 4.7% of its prime operating revenue, its technical center is at the forefront of the industry in China in research and its capacity. The company’s innovation team has achieved abundant technological results, holding 60-odd national authorized patents, including 26 invention patents, 33 utility model patents and 1 appearance patent. With 21 invention patents accepted, the team has prepared 3 international standards and 2 industry standards, enjoying a high level of industry discourse.

Bluestar Dongda has ranked No. 1 in the domestic industry for seven consecutive years in the production and sales of polyether polyol products. Its product chain includes 75 varieties. Specifically, the company’s share in the special high-value-added polyether market is among the top rankings across the world. Identified by China Polyurethane Industry Association in 2019, Bluestar Dongda was among the forerunners across the globe regarding the comprehensive product competitiveness. It boasts a wide variety of technologies and products with valid independent intellectual property rights, involving high-end automotive interiors, solvent-free environmental protection waterproof coatings, UV light-curing polyol, 5G communication optical cable outer coating, and spinning oil agent. Bluestar Dongda has become a high-performance new materials manufacturer featuring the highest brand value, the best product quality, the largest production and sales volume, the strongest profitability, the most influential and competitive in China’s polyurethane industry. It is the only Chinese polyether manufacturer in the industry that can compete with multinational companies producing high-end products.

Bluestar Dongda’s products have now been available in the mainstream supply-chain market, with customers throughout domestic and international markets. Bluestar Dongda has established a close partnership with the US-based Lear Corporation Limited, Adient plc, Shanghai Yanfeng, Huntsman Corporation, the Japan-based Mitsui Co., Ltd. and other multinationals, winning a good reputation and brand effect within the industry.
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