Beijing Bluestar’s Cleaning Engineering Division Sets A Host of Records

Source: ChemChina

In 2020, Beijing Bluestar’s cleaning engineering division overcame many difficulties and proactively addressed multi-party challenges. The division made a record in its contracted volume and refund amount throughout the whole year.

Affected by the epidemic, almost all new projects launched in the first half of the year were stalled, delayed or cancelled, and signed contracts could not be executed successfully. All regional marketing departments under the cleaning engineering division seized the opportunity to make use of the gap period amid the epidemic, contacted customers closely, prepared for the resumption of work and production in advance, and overcame the difficulties of staff mobility in various places to arrange personnel to wait for the resumption at their project sites. On February 13, the division sent its first batch of 122 people to 13 project sites, which was highly praised by customers. In the face of the epidemic, all staff members united with each other to alleviate the operating pressure caused by the epidemic and enhance the influence of Bluestar Cleaning in the industry again.

The cleaning engineering division set multiple operating records in 2020. After completing the pre-operation cleaning of Zhejiang Petrochemical’s phase-I refining and chemical integration project or the largest one in China, the division won the phase-II pre-operation cleaning project of all chemical equipment. It also signed a contract for half of the operation of pre-commissioning cleaning of steam pipe networks, with the total contract amount hitting the record concerning pre-operation cleaning of a single project. In July last year, the company also seized the opportunity of qualification management reform of relevant units to obtain the qualification of chemical cleaning of power boilers from China Electricity Council, developing itself into China’s only specialized industrial cleaning enterprise with all the highest cleaning qualifications issued by the Industry Cleaning Association of China, China Boiler and Boiler Water Treatment Association and China Electricity Council. At the end of 2020, it accomplished the largest high-pressure water overhaul and cleaning project of a single set of 13 million tons/year oil refining unit in China. It cleaned 450-plus heat exchangers with an area of 350,000 square meters within 13 days by using China’s only automatic cleaning actuator, which sets a new record for single high-pressure water cleaning operation. In 2020, the cleaning engineering division also hit records in the contract value of high-pressure-water inspection, maintenance and cleaning and the output value contributed by a single equipment.
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