Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery becomes the first user of REC photovoltaic modules in China

Source: ChemChina

After three months of intense construction, a photovoltaic shed equipped with Bluestar REC Solar’s ALPHA 72 photovoltaic modules was successfully put into use at Bluestar Beijing Chemical Machinery (BBCM) and connected to the power grid. This is the first project of REC Solar in China, marking the companys entry into the worlds largest photovoltaic market.

Adopting REC Solar’s advanced technology, ALPHA 72 photovoltaic modules are the most powerful heterojunction modules on the market at present. Compared with ordinary products, ALPHA 72 is stronger in structure and longer in service life, completely preventing light-induced performance degradation. The heterojunction technology (HJT) developed by European engineering experts combines the advantages of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells with thin-film technology. ALPHA 72 boasts an output power at least 20% higher than that of ordinary products, with 92% of nominal output power remaining at the end of the 25th year of service.


Covering almost all the factory and office areas of BBCM, the photovoltaic shed is expected to generate 600,000 kWh of electricity every year to meet 10% of the total annual power demand of the company, During its service life of 25 years, it will save 3.25 million yuan of electricity cost and cut carbon emissions by 15,000 tons, which is equivalent to planting 820,000 trees. The project will not only contribute to China’s carbon neutralization, but also provide 166 parking spaces to protect employees motor vehicles from the sun and rain. 
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