Ten Bluestar-affiliated companies certified as national high-tech enterprises

Source: ChemChina

Good news - Ten Bluestar-affiliated companies have successfully passed 2020 annual national high-tech enterprise certification.

       High-tech enterprise certification is carried out by the state according to the relevant standard. For a company, passing this certification is conducive to opening up the market, improving competitiveness and brand image, developing business, enhancing user trust, and attracting talents and customers. It is also a powerful proof that the enterprise is vigorous and prosperous. Moreover, certified high-tech enterprises are entitled to a 10% reduction in corporate income tax.

       Bluestar attached great importance to and made full preparation for this year’s certification, and encouraged its subsidiaries to apply for it as long as conditions permit. By the end of 2020, a total of 21 Bluestar-affiliated companies had been certified as high-tech enterprises.

       For Bluestar in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought severe challenges to all items of work, including the preparation for high-tech enterprise certification. The high-tech enterprise qualifications of eight companies including BCMC expired and needed a review; Bluestar Shenyang needed a re-certification after it was renamed; and Lanzhou Fiber needed to apply for certification for the first time   


 To overcome multiple adverse effects and successfully pass the annual certification, the ten enterprises broken down departmental barriers, closely cooperated, and carefully prepared their application materials concerning technology, finance, HR and operation, totaling nearly one million Chinese characters. They completed online application electronically and offline application with paper materials. In the end, Lanzhou Fiber was certified as a high-tech enterprise for the first time, and Bluestar Shenyang maintained its qualification after business adjustment and renaming. The other eight enterprises also successfully passed the re-certification and continued to have the "gold" certificate for production and operation.
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