Bluestar Chonfar Helps Lift Poor Villages Out of Poverty

Source: ChemChina

Recently, with the approval of Hunan Provincial Government, Huayuan County in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture was removed from the list of poverty-stricken counties. Bluestar Chonfar has successfully pulled Woba Village in Huayuan Town, Huayuan County, out of poverty, achieving satisfying results in poverty alleviation. Relevant leaders of the Organization Department of Hunan Provincial CPC Committee recently went to Woba Village for joint supervision, speaking highly of Bluestar Chonfar’s assistance.

Under the coordination and arrangement of the Organization Department, Bluestar Chonfar has sent experienced and qualified poverty alleviation members to assisting Woba Village in their anti-poverty efforts. The poverty alleviation task force, together with the local government, vigorously conducted poverty elimination through industrial development based on the village’s conditions, unleashed Woba’s potential to shake off poverty, and put in place a range of well-targeted measures for poverty alleviation.

The first is to implement a “policy for one household”. Bluestar Chonfar organized 93 officials to help 153 poor households, analyze their causes of poverty, comprehensively understand the need for assistance, and make targeted poverty alleviation plans for each household, so that precise assistance features plans, measures and persons-in-charge. The second is to improve the infrastructure. The task force and the village committee and Party branch worked together to promote infrastructure construction in Woba village. Over the past two years, they have led the villagers to complete the hardening of roads towards each household, provide the access to running water for all households, and conduct the solar-based lighting project for streets. They have built one village-level standard clinic, one large cultural square, two public toilets and five garbage pools and renovated toilets for 112 households. The third is to work together with love. The organization donated school uniforms, stationery and school bags to all the teachers and students of Woba Village Hope Primary School and sponsored large cultural and recreational activities in Woba Village to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, injecting cultural vitality into Woba Village. The fourth is to eradicate poverty through consumption. We purchased nearly 100,000 yuan of local agricultural products from Woba Village as welfare materials for employees, helping the village develop a stable sales channel for the products. The fifth is to conduct poverty alleviation through industrial development. Based on local natural resources, Bluestar Chonfar has motivated villagers to use the anti-poverty funds allocated by the Organization Department, build the golden tea plantation of 1,000 mu, cultivate shrimp and rice, and develop a snake gourd base of 500 mu and bamboo forest of 30 mu. It has organized poor households to develop small-scale breeding of chickens and ducks, with over 7,000 farmers engaging in this sector. The annual industrial dividends have covered 606 people from 153 households, which have been derived from golden tea, bamboo, snake gourd, shrimp and rice, and pheasant.

Currently, the incidence of poverty in Woba village has dropped to 0.27 percent from 46 percent, with the annual per capita income increasing from 2,450 yuan to 6,360 yuan. Bluestar Chonfar will continue poverty alleviation policy support for counties that have been removed from the poverty list, and make sure that the working measures remain unchanged and assistance efforts are not reduced. It will continuously consolidate the results of poverty eradication and help Woba Village take solid steps in rural vitalization.
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