Guangzhou Institute Creates Conditions for Needy Students to Attend Online Classes

Source: ChemChina

“I want to cherish the hard-won learning opportunity, make good efforts and repay my uncles’ love and help with excellent scores.” Holding a new learning tool in his hand, Liu Xiaolu, a sixth-grade student from a poor household of Kenger village, Shanghu town, showed a bright smile.

With the help of the Guangzhou Institute’s task force, the student no longer has to worry about having no device for his online classes.

During the epidemic, the school has launched online classes. In accordance with the instructions of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Institute on helping students from needy families in villages to hold online classes, the task force investigated the online learning conditions of every student in the village and tried every possible way to solve the online education problem. Children’s education could not be delayed. After learning about that Liu Xiaolu and his third-grade sister Liu Shanci could not access online classes due to the shortage of devices and network, the task force promptly contacted Guangzhou Institute’s Party committee to prepare tablet computers and mobile phones and support the installation of Internet equipment for the children. The members also taught the children to access the Internet and download learning programs to completely solve their online education problems.

With the help of the village team, up to now, students from needy families have access to online education in the village, fulfilling the children’s dream of pursuing education online.

Guangzhou Institute will continue helping needy children to solve difficulties, improve their learning and living conditions, eliminate their worries about schooling, and achieve their success, with equal emphasis on poverty alleviation and education-oriented support.

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