Bluestar Chonfar Investigates Poverty Alleviation Work at its Targeted Recipient

Source: ChemChina

Wei Yeqiu, Party secretary, executive director and general manager of Bluestar Chonfar, and other company leaders recently went to Woba Village, Huayuan Town, Huayuan County, western Hunan, to investigate poverty alleviation.

At the village committee, Mr. Wei and the company’s team in the village distributed greeting materials together for 153 poor households and 10 households with five guarantees. Then Wei conducted an on-site inspection of the industrial development of Woba Village. Through nearly three years of paired-up assistance, the village has developed five major industries, including bamboo, root of kudzu vine, paddy shrimp, snake gourd, and tea garden. The thousand-mu tea base has sprouted a burgeoning vitality through land transfer, pond reconstruction, sightseeing road construction, and attraction development. After the completion of projects, the base will become a tea-themed experience park featuring ecological protection, sightseeing and tourism, setting an exemplar for other villages in Huayuan town in building a beautiful countryside and promoting rural vitalization.

At the fact-finding meeting, Wei Yeqiu listened to the company’s first Party secretary in the village Shu Hongwei’s work report, conducted exchanges with members of the village committee and Party branch and the company’s task force, and had a detailed understanding of the paired-up assistance effect after poverty alleviation. In 2020, all the 153 needy households in Woba Village have been lifted out of poverty, with the poverty incidence rate reduced 0 percent from 52 percent in 2018. The per capita net income of poor households has grown to over 10,000 yuan, while the collective income of the village has increased to 350,000 yuan from 50,000 yuan in 2018.

Wei affirmed the relevant work of the company’s task force, congratulated Woba Village on the promising results achieved in poverty alleviation and expressed his gratitude to the local government for its full support. He stressed that the current poverty alleviation work has reached the closing stage. Although the previous task had been completed on schedule, the task force should further consolidate and improve the results, lead the village committee and Party branch to formulate industrial development plans, develop characteristic industries for poverty alleviation, and do a good job of follow-up support. The task team should also form a long-term mechanism to help villagers enhance the confidence and determination to shake off poverty and get rich. By doing so, all can ensure that, after the withdrawal of the team, Woba Village can continue to sustain the development of industries and villagers cannot return to poverty.
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