Nantong Xingchen’s Improved Epoxy Resin Process Boosts Green Development

Source: ChemChina

In recent years, Nantong Xingchen has been practicing the concept of “In Science We Trust”, pursuing innovation-driven development and boosting the sustainable development of its production and operation by continuously doubling efforts to develop clean production. In 2021, Nantong Xingchen’s annual science & technology innovation project, Feng Xuefeng, assistant general manager and manager of technology department, led the team to develop the project of “Development and Application of Clean Production Process of Epoxy Resin”, one new technology developed independently through innovation. The project has improved epoxy resin quality, reduced raw material consumption and “three wastes” and recycled high salt wastewater, exploring a new development idea for energy saving and consumption reduction of the plant and effective use of hazardous epoxy resin wastes.

To further reduce waste and consumption in the epoxy resin production and the amount of aging resin generated, the project team has optimized the process flow according to actual conditions and realized the resources utilization of aging epoxy resin. It has developed a clean production process while reducing the cost of hazardous waste treatment. Relying on existing public auxiliary facilities, the team has built an epoxy polymer recycling project within the plant. It has recycled 1,000 t/a of aging resin (epoxy polymer) that originally needed to be treated. It can recycle 200 t/a of epoxy resin to reduce the generation of aging resin by 660 t/a.
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