Sinochem Holdings Chairman Ning Gaoning Inspects Chengdu New Chemical Materials

Source: ChemChina

On September 17, Ning Gaoning, chairman and secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Sinochem Holdings, investigated Bluestar (Chengdu) New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. (Chengdu New Chemical Materials). Attending the investigation were Chen Dechun and Zhang Fang, members of the Leading Party Members’ Group and vice general managers of Sinochem Holdings, Zhang Xuegong, director of Strategy Implementation Department, Hu Xuteng, director of Strategy and Investment Department, Li Bo, clerk of the Leading Party Members’ Group and director of the Office, Ma Kehui, director of Science, Technology and Innovation Department and Jiang Weihua, deputy director of the Office. Hao Zhigang, chairman and Party secretary of Bluestar, accompanied the research.

After arriving at Chengdu New Chemical Materials, Chairman Ning Gaoning immediately investigated the new high-modulus aramid product developed this year in the finished product workshop, inspecting the high-modulus aramid production line. During the period, Sun Qian, general manager of Chengdu New Chemical Materials, detailed about the production and sales of high-modulus aramid.

Afterwards, Mr. Ning listened to the working report of Wang Lianhe, Party secretary and general manager of Bluestar Chengrand Institute, on the development history, HSE management, scientific and technological innovation, production and operation of Chengdu New Chemical Materials. Having had a detailed understanding of the company’s operation, Mr. Ning required that Chengdu New Chemical Materials should systematically sort out its development ideas and measures, analyze its production capacity, technological innovation and product mix, and solve related problems. The enterprise should firmly resolve to develop, emancipate its mind and seriously summarize the lessons learned in the development. The company has relied on the team and technology that have been refined over the years and should follow the philosophy of innovation-driven development and continue to explore new ways to increase efficiency.

All officials and workers of Chengdu New Chemical Materials will surely make the aramid localization industry bigger, better and stronger by following the instructions of Mr. Ning.
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