Beijing Bluestar’s PV Project Commences

Source: ChemChina

In line with the national policies of “green-energy low-carbon transformation” and “carbon neutrality”, as well as the national renewable energy quota system and green power certificate trading system, Beijing Bluestar focuses on energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production and clean energy, improve the green infrastructure, increase the proportion of clean energy, and cut energy costs and carbon emissions. The Distributed PV Power Generation Project using the plant’s idle roof area was launched recently, one of the important initiatives to enhance Beijing Bluestar’s green production and living style.

Located at 40.092°N, 116.540°E, Beijing Bluestar’s Shunyi factory is feasible for constructing PV projects, thanks to 2,746 hours of sunshine per year. The plant annually consumes 5,078,800 kWh of electric power at present, which costs 4,401,800 yuan, or 0.829 yuan/kWh. According to the efficiency curve of PV power generation and the monitoring data of “intelligent power management platform”, PV power generation periods are mainly in peak hours and regular hours. The combined average price of electricity that can be substituted for that from the national grid during PV effectiveness hours is about 0.81 yuan/kWh.

Beijing Bluestar installed PV modules on the roof of idle buildings, covering 6,325 square meters, and built parking sheds with PV modules on both sides of the south gate, with an area of 1,110 square meters. 1,680 monocrystalline silicon modules are lined up, totaling the installed capacity of 747.6 kW.

The cooperation between Beijing Bluestar and Bluestar Energy Conservation Company was conducted using the “contract energy management cooperation model”, with the project invested by Bluestar Energy Conservation and the agreement period lasting 25 years. After the completion of the project, more than 90% of the PV power generation will be used for the plant. The average annual power generation is expected to reach 650,000 kWh. The solar farm will generate about 16.25 million kWh during the agreement period and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 650 tons per year. The carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 16,000 tons during the project period to save electricity costs of about 2.63 million yuan. The project can improve the plant’s electricity structure, reduce energy use costs, and allow for continuous improvement in clean production and a significant increase in utilization efficiency. The construction of the PV power generation project also represents a response to the call to optimize the energy mix by 2035, increase the proportion of green industries, continuously improve the environment, enhance the image of Beijing Bluestar, and help create a greener enterprise.
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