Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning Conducts HSE Training for Production Safety Responsibility

Source: ChemChina

At the beginning of the new year, Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning enhanced safety management and awareness of all employees to avoid all kinds of accidents in an effort to further implement its responsibility in safety production and follow the action plan of “learn, understand and follow the law”. According to Sinochem Holdings’ 2022 plan for health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) priorities and the Forus system, the Lanzhou company promoted the Forus system and organized multiple HSE training sessions to make a good starting for its 2022 HSE work.

At the beginning of 2022, the company held its first Party committee meeting to implement the decision and arrangement of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and put the people and life in the first place. It took the lead in holding training sessions for studying and publicizing the new Production Safety Law, the Amendment (XI) to the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Forum system and conducted self-examination by analyzing the two laws article by article.

The companys HSE department launched various types of training on the new Production Safety Law, the Forus system, ambulancemen’s theoretical knowledge, risk identification and worksheets in each organ department, plant and production and operation line in a bid to mobilize them to advance the implementation of the Forus system. To keep track of the learning and training effect, the company’s Party committee work department, labor union and HSE department collaborated to conduct an online Q&A session for promoting the Forus system. 417 answer sheets were received, with two answers per capita. Through a range of training and promotion activities, the enterprise has built consensus among workers, strengthened awareness, and created a good atmosphere for implementing the FORUS system.

In the middle of this month, the HSE department also responded proactively to the local Red Cross Society’s arrangement and organized employees to voluntarily engage in the online training for Red Cross ambulance workers to learn the introduction of ambulance, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trauma rescue and other theories. 188 people obtained training certificates, including 88 Party members, with 78% of the Party members on duty participating in the training. After the completion of the online training, the company will also plan to select thirty people from each region and major production divisions to contact the Red Cross organization for hands-on training and obtain ambulanceman qualification certificates so that they can carry out primary care for patients in any region and emergencies.

In addition, the HSE department has conducted accident case studies based on the previously issued Compilation of Accident Cases and the accidents that occurred within the system over the past two years. It has combined with direct and indirect causes and preventive measures and conducted hands-on training with workshop and shift personnel on operational risk identification and worksheet management to continuously raise the risk awareness of all staff and increase their basic knowledge on safety management. With Sinochem Holdings’ Forus system being implemented, the HSE management will become a strong driving force for Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning’s development to lay a solid foundation for its production and operation activities.
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