Two projects of Bluestar included into Top 10 Cases of Sinochem’s Digital Transformation Practice

Source: ChemChina

Recently, the 5G+ industrial internet smart factory of Xinghuo Silicones and the digital marketing management platform of Nantong Xingchen were included into the list of Top 10 Cases of Sinochem Holdings’ Digital Transformation Practice. The top 10 cases were finally selected after being recommended by second-tier units, online voted by the Sinochem Holdings working group and evaluated by an external expert group. Among all the second-tier units, Bluestar is the only company that has two projects listed in the top 10 cases.

Designed to address the common problems of chemical enterprises, the 5G+ industrial internet smart factory of Xinghuo Silicones uses the 5G network to realize safe and reliable connection between the internal and external networks of the factory, where data of the factory, equipment, workers and materials are collected through the 5G industrial gateway, MEC network, 5G cameras and 5G drones. On this basis, big data technology is applied to build a novel, all-factor digital twin factory that features real-time, intelligent and visualized management, maintenance, supervision and control of equipment operation and production activities, thus achieving the goal of high-quality development characterized by lower cost, higher efficiency, and leaner management.

Based on marketing needs, the digital marketing management platform of Nantong Xingchen integrates ERP, Sinochem Holdings’ e-commerce platform, Nantong Xingchen’s sales CRM system, 阿里巴巴, Baidu and other platforms, forming a full-process digital marketing service system covering the whole product line and the whole life cycle of customers. It realizes a customer evaluation system based on business needs and a marketing strategy based on system data and the companys business strategy, greatly improving the efficiency of sales and the attraction to new customers. In 2021, online sales to new customers exceeded RMB 20 million.

In 2021, all companies of Bluestar actively carried out digital innovation and explored in the construction of smart factories, the application of 5G and the construction of industrial Internet, and launched a number of digitalization projects. In addition to the above-mentioned two projects, Bluestar Dongda’s smart park project won the Bluestar Smart Factory Excellence Award, and Shenyang Chemical Group’s smart factory project, Bluestar Chonfar’s bulk material system parameterized database project and Guangzhou Institute’s all-round cadre assessment system won the Bluestar Digital Innovation Application Award.

Bluestar will continue practicing its digitalization strategy to create a digital development atmosphere where all of its companies help, learn from, compare, benchmark and share experience with each other so as to accelerate the digital transformation and construction of intelligent chemical enterprises.
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