Norwegian Finance Minister Visits Elkem’s Fiskaa Factory

Source: ChemChina

Recently, Norwegian Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum visited Elkem’s Fiskaa plant in Kristiansand, southern Norway, where carbon products are mass-produced for the global market, as well as Elkem’s Vianode pilot plant, one that is designed for advanced battery materials.

Helge Aasen, CEO of Elkem, together with Odd Olsen, manager of Elkem’s Fiskaa plant, and Terje André Hansen, employee representative and member of the Board of Directors, received Minister Vedum, introducing Elkem’s global business, corporate strategy and climate roadmap. Elkem serves as a global leader in producing advanced silicon-based materials. Its goal is to respond to the Paris Agreement’s ambitious plan to reduce its total carbon dioxide emissions from fossil sources while increasing its product supply to achieve a green transition.

“We are proud that the new Norwegian administration has a strong interest in developing green industries in Norway now and in the future. This is confirmed by the ambitious objectives set by the government and the visit of Finance Minister Vedum today,” Aasen said.

Mr. Aasen added: “Norway’s manufacturing, a high-tech sector, offers promising job opportunities and has great potential in driving exports of high-value-added products and cutting emissions. Elkem aims to continue expanding its business nationwide, covering the entire zone ranging from Kristiansand in the south to Tana in the north. We look forward to having an open, honest dialogue with the government.”

The mission of Elkem is to provide advanced material solutions for a better, more sustainable future. Currently, 83 percent of the electricity consumed by the company’s operations is renewable. Over one million electric vehicles worldwide have been outfitted with materials supplied by Elkem, making up approximately 15% of the global total, one figure that is still growing.

To achieve its ambitious growth targets, Elkem will need strong external support, including competitive renewable electricity and carbon offsetting measures and related financial support modeled on those of other countries.

“Elkem’s strong track record in Norway is based on reliable and renewable hydropower resources, a cornerstone of Elkem’s future growth and development,” Mr. Olsen commented.

The Fiskaa plant has laid a solid foundation for Elkem’s current operation. The plant is where Soderberg electrodes were born almost a century ago. Elkem Carbon in Kristiansand is among the world’s largest producers of Soderberg electrodes. Some 70% of the world’s smelters are still using Soderberg electrodes.

R&D efforts are also a major focus of the Fiskaa factory. The factory has state-of-the-art pilot test facilities, with laboratories and workshops covering over 10,000 square meters. It is home to the Future Materials Norwegian Catapult Centre. It is a national testing and R&D center equipped with multiple testing facilities, capabilities and a specialized network to provide sustainable advanced materials and cyclical solutions for customers in developing their products and technologies. The research center is a product of cooperation between Elkem, ReSiTec chemical company, the Norwegian hydroelectric company Arendals Fossekompani and the University of Agder in Norway.
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