Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning Wins Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement A

Source: ChemChina

Recently, Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning’s research project of "Process Management of Cooling Liquid in the Water Cooling System of Wind Turbines" successfully passed the final examination of the National Expert Committee on Management Innovation Achievements of Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises and was awarded the Second Prize for Management Innovation Achievements, marking a new breakthrough of the company in improving its production process.

The coolant process is applied to the water cooling system of wind turbines. Before that, however, there was no applicable national or industry standard for the quality evaluation of wind power coolants, the quality of domestic products varied greatly, and those in were miscellaneous, resulting in serious corrosion of the wind power cooling system. A few years ago, according to market research, Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning established a project for this problem, and the research team officially put it into trial production in 2019 after repeated tests and demonstration. The device was put into actual operation before long. After extensive use by customers, the technology has shown obvious advantages, and the problem of corrosion of various metal materials involved in the water cooling system of wind turbines has been solved, especially for 3003 aluminum alloy, 4043 aluminum alloy, 5052 aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum alloy and other materials. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties and very low conductivity, which is almost perfectly suited for the long-term operation of the coolant in the water cooling system of wind turbines.

On the basis of this process, the group standard T/CEC 222-2019 "Technical Specifications for Coolants in the Water Cooling System of Wind Turbines" drafted by the companys technical team was published in 2019, which put forward normative technical requirements for regulating the production of coolants and the selection of antifreeze for wind turbine manufacturers. This standard has a profound influence on the development of the coolant industry. The technical process also won the third prize of the 12th Gansu Provincial Workers Excellent Technical Innovation Achievements Award.
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