Bluestar Strengthened the Integration of International Talent and Deepened University-Enterprise Exchanges

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

As a pioneer on the path of internationalization, Bluestar has been committing to promoting the integration of human resources and sharing excellent management practices of subsidiaries at home and abroad. Moreover, it has deepened exchanges and cooperation with well-known universities domestically and internationally in human resource management, talent development, etc. Recently, Dong Dachuan, Vice President and Deputy Party Secretary of Bluestar, Wang Junhong, Director of the HR Department of Bluestar, and Fabien Siguier, Deputy General Manager and Chief HR Officer of Adisseo, successively had exchanges with the HR Department of Sinochem Holdings, School of Labor and Human Resources of the Renmin University of China, and Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University, and conducted in-depth discussions on relevant topics in the field of human resources.

In the work exchange meeting with Sinochem Holdings HR Department on May 30, Liu Xing, Deputy Director of the same, attended and spoke at the meeting. Heads of the relevant business lines of the Sinochem Holdings HR Department introduced their work in campus recruitment, research management and training projects, technology talent and evaluation orientation, international talent exchange rotation, and human efficiency output matters. Fabien Siguier shared Adisseo’s mission and vision in human resources, as well as the experience and practices in talent development, talent assessment, talent exchange, and salary management. According to Liu Xing’s summary speech, this exchange deepened the mutual understanding between Sinochem Holdings and Adisseo in human resources. Given the many opportunities for complementary promotion between overseas and domestic subsidiaries in human resources, the domestic and international HR teams of Sinochem Holdings would further strengthen communication and cooperation and face challenges together, thus achieving mutual growth.

Then, in the academic exchange meeting with the School of Labor and Human Resources of the Renmin University of China on May 31, Dong Dachuan introduced the profile of Bluestar from the business field and development history, as well as the highlights of the company’s work in global technology innovation and talent management practices. During the exchange, Wang Junhong proposed the prospects and thinking topics of the international HR management of central SOEs in the Chinese path to modernization. Based on Adisseo’s mission and vision, talent development and construction, and talent and values, Fabien Siguier introduced Adisseo’s global HR management practice, philosophy, and principles in human resources reform, cross-cultural talent management, etc. Combining their work and teaching and research expertise, leaders and experts from the School of Labor and Human Resources of the Renmin University of China discussed in depth with the guests presented the topics of talent cultivation, international exchange, and academic research. Both sides expressed that they would take this meeting as an opportunity to realize high-quality university-enterprise cooperation in many fields, such as talent cultivation and academic research, in the future.

On June 2, the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University held a university-enterprise exchange campaign themed “Growth Path of Scientific Research Talent in Internationalized Enterprises—Innovation and Management Practices of Adisseo, Sinochem Holdings”. At the meeting, Dong Dachuan introduced the excellent experience of Bluestar in international technological innovation and talent practice around “The Internationalization Path of Bluestar”. With the theme of “Practice in Cultivating Scientific and Innovative Talent in a Multicultural Environment”, Fabien Siguier elaborated on Adisseo’s mission and vision in the field of food and animal nutrition, as well as its practices in the career development and evaluation mechanism of scientific and technical talent. Focusing on “Introduction to the R&D System of Internationalized Enterprises”, Li Feng, Senior R&D Director of Adisseo Great China, interpreted Adisseo’s main products and technologies, R&D center layout, project management practices, and R&D organizational structure.

The better you come, the better you attract. If you want to be better, you have to get better. Bluestar has built an international talent team with reasonable structure and considerable scale in the field of human resources by combining the characteristics of international business and creating an international human resources training mode of composite, application-oriented, and practical. To build a talent innovation highland for chemical enterprises with deeper and higher levels, in the future, Bluestar will continue to strengthen the supporting role of human resources in business development. 


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