Adisseo Nanjing Plant Implemented Smart Handling Equipment to Propel the Digitization of Warehousing

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

Technological innovation has led to a digital revolution in warehousing. The warehousing team at Adisseo Nanjing Liquid Methionine Plant recently launched smart handling equipment to enhance the efficiency of warehousing operations.

In the past, the operation of wrapping equipment required a significant amount of manual labor, with operators frequently squatting up and down nearly 100 times per day while operating three manual battery forklifts in the area. Manually adjusting the position of the empty bucket tray can cause an imbalance in the tightness of the wrapping, affecting the control of packaging weight in the later stages and resulting in abnormal material loss. Moreover, the simultaneous operation of three forklifts presents safety hazards.

By upgrading from manually operated wrapping equipment to automated remote control wrapping equipment, traditional manual electric forklifts can be transformed into automated handling equipment. Furthermore, using local area network signal docking allows for unmanned automated operations, such as barrel picking, wrapping, and stacking. This measure not only cuts labor costs and minimizes packaging material loss, but also eradicates safety hazards arising from forklift cross-operation. Moreover, it enhances both the safety and efficiency of warehousing and handling, paving the way for digital warehouses in the future. 

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