Ending of the 29th Bluestar Summer Camp

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Dressed up, we shared our gains in the 21 days together; with the melody ringing again, we listened to the most sincere feelings expressed by the camp song. On August 9, under the song "Growing under the Blue Sky" chanted by the little campers in Beijing Camp I in chorus, the 29th Bluestar International Summer Camp was successfully concluded with the applause full of emotion, attachment, harvest and gratitude. Ren Jianming, Vice General Manager of the Group Company, Hao Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd., Gao Jianjun, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection and Vice General Manager, and other leaders attended the camp closing ceremony.

Bluestar International Summer Camp is a journey for children to seek their dreams and an important platform for integration of domestic and overseas culture. The camp of each year is just like a small United Nations. This year, the 61 overseas campers come from 22 countries in five continents, presenting colorful language exchange and cultural collision. To commemorate the happy and fulfilling 21-day journey of "Bluestar Global Village", the children carefully rehearsed and wholeheartedly performed a wonderful audio-visual feast.

The simple and graceful Chinese-style dance “A Dainty Jasmine” opened the curtain for the ceremony. The mirthful and enthusiastic “I am, you are, we are Australian” showed the liveliness and loveliness of children from Kerneos, Australia. The lively and hot dance “French Couple Dance” brought by campers from Adisso, France showed bold and unrestrained charm of French style. The semichorus “Three Small China Men” of Elkem team in Norway brought a different Nordic style. The fancy basketball and Young Chinese Kung Fu displayed the harvests in interest-oriented classes incisively and vividly. The "Blue Melodrama" jointly contributed by the campers from all countries focusing on the theme of the summer camp became another platform for children to give play to their talents: the children from Syngenta in Switzerland and ADAMA in Israel that attended the summer camp for the first time carefully planned the “Blue Memory”; the children from Pirelli expressed their love for the summer camp with “Grow Happily in This Beautiful World”; the Germany children from Krauss-Maffei vividly recorded the beautiful friendship in the summer camp birthday party with the “Auld Lang Syne”; etc. Every moment of the shows wrote, directed and performed by the little campers themselves made us deeply feel the happiness and growth of the children during the summer camp, and truly experience the concept of integration – “Bluestar, Our Common Home".

Ren Jianming spoke highly of this summer camp during his speech in the closing ceremony. He pointed out that the 29th Bluestar International Summer Camp was truly a small global village with 840 little campers from 22 countries in five continents. Under the theme of “Grow Happily in This Beautiful World”, the little campers experienced the charm of traditional Chinese culture, tasted the cultural customs of different countries, and felt the power of innovative science and technology, which benefited them a lot. Ren encouraged the children to be grateful, cherish friendship, work hard and forge ahead, be kind to the nature and better learn the corporate culture of Chinas chemical industry. In addition, he hoped that the wonderful feeling generated from the summer camp can take root and sprout in the heart of the little campers, to add wings to their own dreams.

Together, the 840 blue "little stars" in 17 branch campers across the country learned the world, learned to grow and to be grateful, and experienced the strong mind under the blue sky in the 21 days. They tasted the tenacity and expectation when looking up at the top of the Great Wall in the rain of sweat, gained pleasure and heroism upon reaching the peak to take a whole view on smaller landscape and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the country; they followed in the footsteps of the ancients to appreciate the black brick, red tile and Ma Tau Wall, and explored the Huizhou culture while fabricating the Chinese writing brush, visiting the ancestral hall and engraving the Huizhou sculpture; they listened to the charm of bamboo filament in the thick forest with winding paths through twilight shades and the sequestered sea of bamboos, to experience the harmony between human and nature in the cool and refreshing gift of the nature; etc. Although the accompanying time is always short, here - Bluestar - will be our home we all cherish. We are family!

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