Opening of the 29th BlueStar Summer Camp

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People usually greet with “Guten Tag”, “Bonjour” or “Ciao”…There are so many expressions for a simple sentence of “你好” in various language. Although children take languages in different types, they still become good friends here. On July 20, 2018, little campers from 21 countries finally enjoy a long-cherished festival—The 29th BlueStar Summer Camp is opened!

840 campers of 17 teams assist this grand occasion altogether. From France to Mexico, from Ghana to Norway and from the north of the Great Wall to the riverside of the Yellow River, little campers with different skin colors from different ethnic groups cover the world’s five continents for the first time. BlueStar Summer Camp emerges as “Global Village” in true sense. Five little campers of SYNGENTA (Switzerland) and ADAMA (Israel) are newcomers for this summer camp, respectively. In addition, ten campers from Gulang County (a designated intellectual poverty alleviation county of BlueStar), Gansu Province, also join big family of BlueStar Summer Camp. In a flash, BlueStar Summer Camp celebrates its 29th anniversary, and 15,640 children grow up here. With the rapid development of ChemChina and BlueStar, BlueStar Summer Camp also transforms from local camp to international camp, serves as a cultural window of Chinas chemical industry to other parts of the world, establishes an important platform for integration of Chinese and foreign corporate cultures, shapes up a cultural brand to propel intergenerational inheritance, and helps all players Chinese chemical industry realize the dream of exchanges and contacts.


This is not only an exploration for the unknown world, but also a rare memory in the growth course. Themed with “Beautiful World, Happy Growth”, the unforgettable 21-day summer camp will let children absorb knowledge and gain happiness through National Theme Day, Friendly Family, Insights into Traditional Chinese Culture and other interesting activities. Ren Jianming, Deputy General Manager of ChemChina, presents camp banner to camper representatives and delivers a speech at opening ceremony. He points out that ChemChina advocates culture of “harmony in diversity”, which follows the same strain with “All-inclusiveness”, the cultural concept of BlueStar. In recent years, ChemChina quickens the pace of internationalization. ADAMA (Israel), Pirelli (Italy), Krauss-Maffei (Germany) and SYNGENTA (Switzerland) have become members of ChemChina family. All subsidiaries at home and abroad respect each others differences, draw on respective strengths, pull together for a common cause, and strive for harmonious development. Heaven-sent destiny ties campers together at BlueStar Summer Camp, and everyone must cherish it with an inclusive attitude.

In his speech, Hao Zhigang, Secretary of the CPC BlueStar Committee and Chairman of BlueStar, expects that little campers can further be impressed by great power of technological innovation and artificial intelligence through a wide range of campsite activities, constantly stimulate imagination and creativity, enhance environmental protection philosophy and awareness of conservation, grasp communication skills, give full play to the collective strength, understand the true essence of all-inclusiveness, improve the recognition of BlueStar culture, play a role of little messengers to spread love and friendship, and grow into “BlueStar People” who know how to respect and get along with others in harmony.

Cheerful children express their good wishes in the innermost world. They look forward to sincerely presenting themselves and embracing each other with enthusiasm in the summer camp life, exploring for beautiful world together with a broader mind and a more positive attitude, and jointly sharing happy growth.

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