Bluestar summer camp opens

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On July 20, the 24th Bluestar summer camp opened at Bluestar headquarters. The photo shows ChemChina leaders delivering the camp flag to camp representatives.

On July 20, the 24th Bluestar summer camp opened. The camp includes 22 branches this year. A total of 980 members will participate in the unforgettable 20-day summer camp.

The participants include 26 children of overseas employees from France, Norway, Australia, Spain and Brazil as well as students from Gansu’s Gulang county, which Bluestar has given support to. The opening ceremonies of Beijing Branch No 1 and No 2 were held at Bluestar’s new office building. Ren Jianming, ChemChina’s vice-president; Lu Xiaobao, Bluestar’s general manager; and Zhang Lijun, Bluestar’s vice-general manager, attended the ceremony and talked with campers and teachers.

At the opening ceremony, Ren Jianming made a speech on behalf of Ren Jianxin, ChemChina’s general manager. He said that the Bluestar summer camp has become a brand that offers opportunities for cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. It also helps young people cultivate innovative thinking. Ren brought up a few hopes for the campers. First, work hard to learn and contribute to China’s development. Second, toughen one’s will. Third, have deep exchanges and make new friends to build team awareness and share happiness. At the same time, he hoped teachers could help guide the healthy development of the campers.

Lu made a general introduction of the summer camp and recapped the history of the camp’s development over the years. He said that the camp is not only an important part of Bluestar’s corporate culture, but also serves as a bridge for overseas employees and their children to better understand Chinese culture. The expansion of the summer camp also reflects Bluestar’s development trajectory. It is an integral part of the company’s development. It has played an important role in strengthening employee cohesion and displaying Bluestar’s culture.

Ronan, a camper from Qenos, spoke on behalf of the other overseas campers. Although campers come from different countries, they are a family. Bluestar summer camp offers an opportunity for campers to get to know each other, have in-depth communication and adapt to different cultures. It will help them make contributions to environment protection. They are all filled with excitement for the upcoming camp.

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