Summer Camp under Way --- National Day

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"Dang, dang, dang…" at the stroke of midnight, the world falls silently into sleep, but the party at the national day exhibition hall is just on! And the exhibits at the booth of Norway, Australia, France, Germany and China have come to life, blinking their eyes and stretching their bodies! You dont believe it? See with your own eyes:
The music is on and immediately turns the stage into a sea of joy! At the booth of Norway, a fairy tale about three goats is presented and followed by the clear bugle and beautiful rhymes. At the Australian booth, the amazing landscape of Australia is displayed, accompanied by the chirping of cookaburra birds and the singing of children. At the French booth, a football match is staged, and the cheering squad and the group dance arouse great excitement among the audience. At the German booth, a lecture is given and then the audience invited to dance on the stage, creating a climax with flying red balloons. Last but not least is the Chinese booth which embodies both strength and beauty. The audience is stunned by the breathtaking kung fu show and then wowed by models in traditional Chinese costumes.
Following the show time is the "temple fair" time! Each national booth has something special on offer: the Papa Circle from Norway, the salty sandwich and dot painting from Australia, Macaroon and ball-tossing game from France, the handmade living room and the Bear Candy from Germany and the calligraphy and special ornaments from China… Theres so much to look at and our hands and mouths are all full. We are really having fun!

Now open your eyes, strain your ears and follow us through this wonderful night at the dreamy museum!

Sing the national anthem and fly your flag!

Enjoy the Song of Cookaburra

A group photos of blues, whites and reds

Beer, the fireplace, and the dachshund… Its so German!

Look at the red sea of joy at the German booth

Kung fu performances by coaches

Ladies on the catwalk

"Hai Na Bai Chuan" (The sea refuses no river)

Haha, the show really beats our expectation!

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