Summer Camp in Progress: We Are Heroes

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

After the rain, all was misty like in a fairyland. The Mutianyu Great Wall, standing on the mountain ridge, was like a dragon riding the cloud. What was the moving blue-and-white ribbon on the dragon’s back? Oh, it was Bluestar campers climbing.

The excitement before setting off, the sweating while climbing, and the victorious cheers on the mountain top left us in great joy despite all the tiredness. Looking down from the beacon towers, mountains were under our feet and the scenery was unimaginably beautiful. What a great experience!

We are all heroes today.

Assembly completed. We are ready to go!

Look, that is the Great Wall!

Let’s stay close together and start the climb!

Hey babe, give me your hand and watch your step!

When I was so tired, the teacher helped me along. What an honor!

How beautiful! Dont forget to take some photos!

My teacher wiped off my sweat and I felt so refreshed!

Here we are, on the top of the Great Wall!

Let’s take a group photo here. Say cheese!

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