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As more peers join us from abroad, the Bluestar Summer Camp is now a truly international event. How can we help the kids interact more and build closer and stronger ties? How can Chinese participants have a better experience of foreign cultures while presenting the Chinese culture to foreign peers? The coaches have thought about this over and over and came up with the excellent idea of a “national day”, a special gala for all. Foreign campers are invited to showcase highlights of their homeland in all forms and the summer camp thus gathers various cultures in a joyful manner.

To fulfill this task to the best they can, foreign campers made thoughtful preparations before departing from their homes, bringing with them all kinds of props. Eye-catching national flags, postcards with picturesque scenery, clothing of distinctive national features… every simple item is presented full of passion and sincerity.

On July 31, 2015, the national day activities unveiled at the 26th Bluestar International Summer Camp. The classical French song Champs-Elysees filled the site with French romance; a medley of songs from Australia presented together with on-site snack making and rugby show attracted many peers to have a try; kids from Norway, dressed in traditional national costumes as forest nymphs, staged a show of the famous fairy tale Peer Gynt by Epson, and then invited every to have a bite of traditionally flavored dried fish and organized a map jigsaw to unveil this mysterious country in northern Europe, a country of ten thousand islands, to everyone present.

This was the first national day event hosted last year. And every year, there will be featured national day activities to showcase different cultures, histories, and folk customs with games, shows and in various other forms, just like a tour around the world. This year, the national day welcomes a new highlight. As KlaussMaffei joined our family, we now have a chance to feel the German culture.

Let’s tour this vast and fabulous world. Let’s share this sweet memory as bossom friends.

The national day activities of 2016 are coming soon. Let’s enjoy them.

Here is a review of the highlights of the 2015 national day activities.


    Fully decorated overnight by foreign campers and teachers, the site of activities is about to open.

Posters of magnificent scenery are put up in a long line at the pavilion of Australia

The French pavilion is refreshing, artistic, and attractive.

A red national flag billows at the Norwegian pavilion


Grand opening: Remember the great Bluestar Corps? We are here again, more energetic than ever.


  Here it comes!

The little chef from Australia attracts a huge crowd

The rugby show is just overwhelming. Those who strike a goal may leave a autography.

Here the Norwegian team debut in fabulous clothes that appeal to all.

The French bring the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees. What do you suppose this is? Check the display just behind


  Aunts and uncles from SASAC and media agencies are taking photos one after another with cameras and cell phones.

Passionate words flew out of pen tips: I love China, Norway, France, Australia…. I love the Bluestar Family.

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