Summer Camp under Way --- Explore the Molecular Republic

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With parents in the chemical industry, our campers have been immersed in all sorts of chemical knowledge since childhood. For them, chemistry is familiar but strange! The talent show in the morning aroused their curiosity and enthusiasm. Now its afternoon, and they are standing in front of the table and have turned into chemists to explore the wonder of the molecular world!

The lab coat, the mask and goggles… Look, the children are ready, looking serious, like real chemists. The burette, the narrow-mouth bottle… guided by instructors, the children are doing fine with these professional chemical instruments; the "Colorful Cave", the "Elephant Toothpaste"… the experiments are really exciting! "Wow! We did it!" "Haha, look at the color!" The room is full of cries of surprise. The amazing experiments open the door to the world of chemistry for our campers!

The interesting experiments also catch the eyes of journalists from mainstream media and portal websites, including Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, and the Information Center of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, who speak highly of the campers intelligence and passion.

The "lab" is ready. Our little chemists will be here in a minute.

All the equipment for experiment safety

We all have the chemists blood in us!

Wear the goggles during the experiment.

Listen carefully to the teacher.

Read the experiment steps carefully. We can make it today.

The three sisters after their chemical experiment

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